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Youth Pastor at Bethel Congregational Methodist Church
Butler , Georgia, United States
Doctrinal Stance
Congregational Methodist | Wesleyan | Holiness 
Church Size
150 to 175
Job Type: 
Employee Workplace: 

Job Description: 
The principal function of the Bethel Youth Group (B.Y.G) is to design, structure, and lead a program that focuses on building young disciples for Christ. The areas of focus are small groups, gospel preaching, bible study, mission work, Christ-centered worship, events, and evangelism. The environment should consist of a heavy dose of relationship building, with a strong emphasis on serving. In doing so, these combinations will yield young, Godly students empowered with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Important details and specifics of the job duties:
  • Prepare and manage a yearly budget.
  • Communication with all youth workers weekly.
  • Develop a method of getting lessons and materials to teachers.
  • Conduct bi-yearly training for all children workers (include a review of church policies and background checks to ensure they are up to date. Go over state guidelines and laws as it requires to reporting abuse, etc.). Also, offer a time of feedback that includes suggestions of needed changes or improvements.
  • Attend a Youth Conference at least once every two years.
  • Be available for students and/or parents. This can be in person or over the phone.
  • Keep up with the number of salvations, baptisms, and attendance.
  • Have an organized system that includes Medical Information, Student Information, and any other forms or documents that are needed in case of an emergency.
  • Have a safe and effective check-in/out system.
  • Help with Taylor County Camp
  • Support youth in their school setting.
  • Visit TCMS and TCHS for lunch once a week.
  • FCA on Thursday mornings.
  • Involve Youth on Family Day (Every 5th Sunday). Recruit workers with a heart to serve.
  • Plan Summer Camps, Retreats/D-Now, Senior Day, Concerts, Trips, and other outings

Specific duties for Wednesday Night Services:
  • Coordinate Music and Media with Youth Band.
  • Prepare a weekly message
  • Limit game nights/movie nights to once a quarter
  • Keep all volunteers involved and informed - have regularly scheduled meetings
  • Prepare any games or activities before the service
  • If food or snacks are to be served, make sure everything is purchased and prepared before the event

Things to consider when planning Events:
  • Will a nursery be needed?
  • Will we run the vans?
  • Will music and media be used?
  • Which rooms on campus will be used? What setup is required?
  • Who will be responsible for unlocking doors, turning lights on, and turning AC/Heat on?
  • What day of the week will the event be held? Could any other services interfere? Grounds, etc.
  • What supplies are needed? Who will purchase them?
  • Will permission slips be required?

Special on Campus Event days:
Valentine’s Day | Easter | Mother’s Day | Memorial Day | Father’s Day | July 4th | Labor Day | Veteran’s Day | Friend Day | Thanksgiving | Christmas | Sunday School Promotion | Pastor Appreciation | Graduation | Public Servants | Teacher Appreciation - Back to School Supplies | Volunteer Appreciation |